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In a Flash (Fruits Basket, Yuki/Kyo, #1)

Title: In a Flash
Author/Artist: arizaki_shisaku 
Pairing: Sohma Yuki x Sohma Kyo
Fandom: Fruits Basket
Theme: #1 - Look over here
Disclaimer: I don't own Fruits Basket.

I feel like this is kind of a continuation to Superstar - same band, same occupations - so I strongly advise you to read #7 first or else the stuff here might be a little confusing. ^^

written for 30_kisses 

Prompt 1 – look over here

Tokyo, 12:30 PM

“Oh goody!” a short, blond kid named Sohma Momiji exclaimed happily (then again, everything Momiji said was usually exclaimed. Happily.). “A photo shoot! Ne, Kyon-kyon, are we gonna be on the cover?”

Sohma Kyo, affectionately referred to as “Kyon-kyon”, whipped around and glared at Momiji with a rapidly twitching eyebrow. “One, how the hell am I supposed to know if we’ll be on the cover or not? I only found out we had this fucking photo shoot this morning, like the rest of you guys. And two, don’t call me Kyon-kyon!”

Momiji screwed his eyes up pathetically and wailed, “Kyon-kyon’s being mean to me again!” The sad little rabbit effect was rather ruined, however, when Momiji opened one eye and stuck his tongue out at Kyo.

“You little brat –”

However, before the orange-haired neko could pounce on the mischievous rabbit, Sohma Hatsuharu stepped idly between the two in their banter.

“Kyo, stop torturing Momiji,” the cow started, and shot a glance at Kyo as the cat started to make some disdainful remark. “Secondly, I don’t think I ever remember agreeing to a photo shoot in the first place,” the placid-eyed Sohma continued, shading his eyes against the sun and staring up at the tall, imposing building of the Japanese branch of People magazine.

“I don’t remember either,” Kyo replied darkly, his eyes flashing once more at Momiji before brusquely brushing past his cousin and marching up to the door and grabbing the handle. “Shigure only told us today, this morning in fact, like I mentioned earlier, that he had gotten us a photo shoot.”

“We really need a new manager,” Hatsuharu lamented as he followed Kyo through the door and into the lush lobby of the building.

Kyo rolled his eyes irritably. “You think?”

“Hello!” the receptionist chirped cheerily upon seeing the trio walk in through the door. “How can I help you?”

Momiji, who had stayed unusually quiet until then, bounced up to the desk. “Hi! We’re here for a photo shoot!”

“We’re Zodiac—the band,” Kyo clarified, shoving Momiji aside.

“Oh my god, really?” the woman practically shrieked and Kyo winced, hearing her squeal reverberate off the walls of the lobby. “Oh my god,” she repeated, “my daughter loves your new CD and she would kill me if I didn’t get you guys to autograph something for her—here, can you autograph this?”

The woman shoved a piece of hastily ripped out notebook paper and a permanent marker towards the baffled Hatsuharu, who blinked at Kyo.

Kyo shrugged and uncapped the marker, scrawling his name (minus the flourishes he usually added) on the sheet of paper the receptionist had produced, and stepped back for Hatsuharu and Momiji to follow suit.

“Thank you so much!” the receptionist gushed, clutching the piece of paper to her chest and Kyo wondered if it was really her and not her daughter who loved their band so much.

“Now, can you tell me where we’re supposed to go for the photo shoot?” Kyo asked pointedly, trying not to sound too rude but aiming to get some business done so he could go home.

“Oh, yes, right down this hallway and the second door to the end on the left,” the woman said happily and waved them off as Kyo promptly turned on his heel and started down the hallway the receptionist had pointed to.


Tokyo, 1:45 PM

Kyo was sitting in his leather outfit (customary concert attire), as the tech crew worked on the lights that alternately flashed on and off above the makeshift stage. Finally, a cheer was heard (mostly Momiji, though) as the light finally flickered on and stayed at that uncomfortably hot temperature (Kyo would never get used to the unbearably hot temperatures that the lights on a stage caused), even with the fan that blasted the fake wind required for the photo shoot.

The photographer was a short, arrogant man named Akizawa or something similar to that (Kyo hadn’t really caught the full name). Despite his condescending personality, Akizawa was reputed to be the best magazine photographer in Japan, and Kyo wondered how Shigure had managed to score Zodiac a photo shoot like this one (not that he would ever give that perverted dog any compliments).

Kyo stood up, and smoothed out his leather pants, nodding to Hatsuharu, who was already on stage tuning his guitar, the silver piercing in his ear glinting under the lights.

Somebody offered him a microphone, and Kyo grabbed it, testing it before he was satisfied. Momiji flew out of the dressing room in a tumble, effectively tousling up his almost-combed-to-perfection blond locks that were usually an unruly mess on top of his head.

“Momiji,” Kyo started in exasperation but Momiji just shot a mean look at Kyo and flicked on the keyboard that had been set up for him, playing a few experimental notes with Hatsuharu before both of them nodded at Kyo.

The lights are dim. The crowd buzzes in anticipation as Kyo views them with a calm, but nervous, eye.

Akizawa pushed a few buttons on his camera and holding the camera up to his eye, he nodded at the band.

The lights whirr on, flashing various colors. The crowd screams wildly as Kyo grips the mike and begins to sing.

Right now, as Akizawa scurried around to get pictures of Zodiac at various vantage points around the studio, Kyo felt the same thrill, the same exhilaration and adrenaline rushing at breakneck speed down his veins, as Hatsuharu played out the first too-familiar measures of Zodiac’s hit single, The Cat and the Rat.

Kyo closed his eyes as the guitar jumped over triplets of notes, growing louder and louder until it hit the particular note that made Kyo’s eyes flash open and he began to sing – he sand with freedom, and no regrets.

Through the haze that settled over Kyo every time he performed, the dynamically changing lights rotating above the makeshift stage, and the various flashes of Akizawa’s camera, Kyo could hardly see anything. But as he gazed out at his “audience”, he saw amused purple eyes and a familiar slim face watching him perform from the shadow of the doorway.


The keyboard pounded out the notes and the guitar finished with a resounding twang as Kyo belted out the last words to the song.

Applause filled the studio and Zodiac took their bows. When Kyo looked up again at the doorway, Yuki (if it had been Yuki in the first place) had vanished.

“Okay,” Akizawa said briskly. “Group photos – orange, in front, right in the middle here – blondie, to his right – and you, right here.”

Kyo opened his mouth to object to being called “orange”, but a look from Akizawa told Kyo that it would be easier today to just keep his mouth shut for a change.

“Pose, guys,” Akizawa barked from over his camera. “Yes, yes…very good, just like that…”

He snapped a couple of shots before inspecting his camera and clucking his tongue. “Ooh…out of memory,” he muttered, rummaging through his large bag and producing another memory card.

The photographer continued talking as he popped open the camera and slid out the spent memory card. “A few more group shots of you guys, and then I think a series of individual shots for each one of you will do nicely…”

Kyo huffed in frustration. Group shots were bad enough, but individual shots? That would take even more time away from Kyo’s original plans of the day.

Kyo had already left at seven o’clock this morning for a breakfast appointment meeting with Shigure and the other members of Zodiac (which is where he learned about the impromptu photo shoot and had almost punched the giggling dog right over into the eggs). Kyo had had to leave his gloriously naked under the sheets, spent from the night before Yuki in bed this morning to make it on time to the meeting.

Kyo hated leaving Yuki in bed alone because he himself knew how cold and lonely it felt to wake up alone (when Yuki had been off on a book tour or something of that sort). Also, it was because Yuki looked positively adorable when he finally fully awoke from the tangled throes of sleep and Kyo considered that waking up together, with Yuki, showed their strong relationship and improvement from the times of screaming and fighting matches that had ensued in Shigure’s house.

Kyo had frozen halfway through buttoning up his shirt when he heard Yuki stir and blink open those fantastically beautiful violet eyes.

“Mmm…Kyo?” Yuki murmured in his adorably drowsy voice as a slim hand felt the cold half of the bed before his eyes focused on Kyo, half dressed and standing by the bed.

“Where are you going?” the rat asked, and Kyo temporarily forgot to answer because he was distracted by the rays of the sun perfectly highlighting Yuki’s tousled bed head.

Yuki threw off the covers and perched on the edge of the bed, naked. Kyo swallowed and tried not to look at the expanse of creamy skin presented in front of him that he had so painstakingly memorized every inch of the night before (they were Yuki and Kyo – they had nothing to hide from each other, anyways).

Kyo gave in to the voices and leaned over and kissed his lover tenderly on the lips. “I have a meeting this morning with the other members of Zodiac, remember?” Kyo softly told Yuki.

Yuki scrunched up his eyes in the too-harsh morning light. “I think I do,” he murmured. “I’ll miss you, Kyo.”

Kyo brushed a few strands of mussed-up hair off of Yuki’s brow before planting a soft kiss on it. “I’ll miss you too, Yuki. Try to get some work done on your next novel.”

Yuki laughed softly as he rolled over onto his stomach and continued observing Kyo dress (which was ironic, since usually Yuki helped Kyo undress). “Fat chance,” the rat replied.

“Orange!” Akizawa’s shrill voice pierced through Kyo’s thoughts of Yuki and he snapped rigidly to attention. “Get over there, and grab that mike – pretend you’re singing or something. Blondie, pose…right over there. Yes.”

Hatsuharu sidled into the pose and Kyo looked stiffly at the camera Akizawa was wielding like a madman. Kyo looked longingly at the door where he had pictured Yuki, and wished Yuki was here instead of being trapped in this hot studio with Hatsuharu, Momiji, and a mad photographer as company.

“I love you, Yuki,” Kyo murmured to his half-asleep lover as he finally prepared to leave for the meeting.

Yuki mumbled incoherently and his fingers snagged Kyo’s. “Love you too, Kyo,” he murmured before his hand dropped and his breathing evened out again.

“Look at the camera!” Akizawa shouted furiously. “Yes you – look! Look over here!”

Kyo looked up defiantly at the camera, but as he did, he saw the faintest flash of purple in the doorway.

Yuki stood there, for real, this time, with a small little smirk dancing on his face as Kyo watched Yuki’s eyes rove over the taut leather pants on his legs. Kyo felt his expression change from surprised to happy to arrogant as he returned Yuki’s smirk with a smirk of his own. Kyo heard clicking and flashing in the background as Akizawa’s camera flashed away, but he didn’t care.

“All right, that’s it for the group shots,” Akizawa announced loudly. “Individual shots – who wants to be up first?”

Kyo stepped forward. “I’ll go,” he said.

Akizawa nodded and motioned for the others to get off the stage. “Get some more wind in here!” he barked to the person manning the large fan. Akizawa scowled and then turned back to Kyo. “Well, what are you standing there for? Do something, pose naturally, whatever.”

So Kyo did. He smiled at the camera before tilting his head up to the ceiling and contemplating it, hearing Akizawa’s mutterings and the whirr of his camera.

Kyo turned around to look at Yuki, to see Hatsuharu talking in low tones to his lover with Momiji bouncing off towards the dressing rooms, presumably to play with the makeup again.

Kyo felt his blood boil as Hatsuharu lifted up a hand and patted Yuki’s shoulder. Nobody touched his Yuki except him, Kyo thought, his eyes feral.

Hatsuharu walked off after Momiji to make sure the baka rabbit didn’t swallow anything enough to kill him and Kyo’s eyes locked with Yuki’s. They stared at each other for several long seconds, Yuki’s lips curving into a small smile, until abruptly, Kyo broke it off and whirled around to walk to the center of the stage, where all the lights were concentrated.

The fan blasted at high speed in his face, blowing his silky orange hair back and in all directions. Kyo raised his head towards the ceiling proudly and hooked his thumbs on the back loops of his leather pants, pulling them down ever so slightly to show a slight strip of tanned skin. Akizawa barked something, and the lights dimmed except for the host of lights shooting directly at Kyo.

Kyo didn’t seem to notice, much, because he whipped his head back around and gazed at Yuki, a smouldering, lustful look that was ferocious and possessive at the same time.




Tokyo, a few weeks later

“Look, Kyon-kyon, Yuki, Hatsuharu!” Momiji exclaimed, tugging the group towards a newsstand on the side of Tokyo, where a worker was unloading the latest delivery of People magazine.

Momiji scampered over to the pile of new, glossy magazines and snatched one up, taking in the cover. “Kyo! Look – we made it onto the cover!”

The whole group crowded around where Momiji held up the magazine, to the chagrin of the newsstand owner, until he made the connection between the group gathered around the magazine and the group that was featured on the front cover of People magazine’s January issue, minus one particular purple-eyed rat.

The magazine had used the shot when Zodiac had just finished singing The Cat and the Rat on the glossy front cover of the magazine. Momiji thumbed through the table of contents until he flipped to page 38.

“Zodiac: A new sensation in Japan,” Momiji read, breathless. A small article followed (Kyo remembered when a nosy reporter had showed up one day and the whole band had been forced to submit to a few questions – by a few, the reporter meant a couple hundred – and even Yuki, who had been home at that time, had somehow been roped into the interrogation too) but the main focus were the pictures that Akizawa had snapped that perfectly expressed “Zodiac’s goal and passion for music”. At the beginning of the article (the overview of what and who Zodiac was), a whole page was dedicated to the group shot at the end, when Akizawa had ordered Kyo to look over at him and Kyo had – but instead, Kyo had seen Yuki. Kyo was sure that Akizawa had snapped every one of the facial expressions that had played across Kyo’s face, but the one that was selected for the full-page preview had a small smirk playing across Kyo’s face as his hand tangled in his orange locks and he stared cockily at the camera (or to be more accurate, Yuki). Hatsuharu was leaning on an amp with one elbow, his guitar hanging casually to one side; and Momiji was actually staying fairly still and smiling at the camera with his usual megawatt smile.

“Look!” Momiji exclaimed, flipping the page. “Individual profiles!”

…So that’s what those individual shots had been for.

For every character profile, there was a full-page photo next to the title, and then several smaller photos on the article about the character with stats, Q&A, etc. Kyo’s full-page picture, next to the bold “Sohma Kyo” on the next page, was the picture where he had stared defiantly at Yuki but still with all the lust he could pull into one look, pulling his pants so that they rode dangerously low on his hips, and allowing the fan to blast his hair in all different directions but in the picture, it actually looked somewhat good.

“That’s a nice picture of you,” Yuki commented, moving up next to Kyo and snaking an arm around the neko’s waist.

Kyo turned to meet amusedly glittering purple eyes and ignored Momiji’s shouts as he came across his own individual profile on the next page.

“It was you,” Kyo breathed as he leaned in to kiss Yuki, right there on the street in front of everybody.

Yuki pulled away and smirked at Kyo. “I knew I was useful somewhere.”

Kyo growled and rolled his eyes irritably before he reached out and pulled the rat in again for another kiss.


A/N: I really have no idea how a professional photographer's camera works -__-" I suppose I'll have to go ask Fuji Syuusuke. 
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