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[Bleach] [Byakuya] [1, Ice Cream]

Title: A Scoop of Double Chocolate on a Cone
Author: arizaki_shisaku 
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: ByakuRuki
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,564
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Kubo Tite owns Bleach, not me.

written for 20_firstkisses 

i - Ice Cream

Rukia pronounces, upon returning from a mission to the living world (where she did not transfer her powers to an unsuspecting teenage boy again, Byakuya made sure of that), that the living world had a kind of store called an “ice cream parlor”. The names of what she called “flavors” sound too exotic to Byakuya – “rocky road”? “Cotton candy”? He only picks out some familiars, like “chocolate”, “vanilla”, and “strawberry”. As Rukia prattles on at record speed, the only things Byakuya learn about this “ice cream parlor” is that they serve a frozen treat derived from milk that is, according to Rukia, the best in the world. He doesn’t catch much else, because he becomes distracted by her glowing cheeks, her enthusiastic eyes, and the small hands that gesture animatedly with her every other word. He is so enthralled by her, in fact, that he doesn’t remember when Rukia eagerly asks him if he would accompany her to an ice cream parlor the next time they went to the living world, and he only vaguely remembers the “yes” that floats from his lips.

He is only reminded of his promise now, when he is being forcefully towed by Rukia down a bustling city street towards what she proclaims the “ice cream parlor”. Byakuya attempts to fish around in his head for some sort of excuse, any sort of excuse, to get out of his impending doom, but he can find none.

Rukia’s disappointed face with her downcast eyes leaps into his mind, and Byakuya slumps ever so slightly and resigns himself to his fate.

The bells on the door tinkle and a blast of cool air slams Byakuya in the face as Rukia ushers him into the ice cream parlor. She immediately heads to the counter, peering down through the glass at different colors of what Byakuya assumes is the ice cream in large buckets. The counter itself is a freezer, which Byakuya finds quite innovative and could stare at it for hours while mentally making notes to himself about how it functioned had Rukia not diverted his attention.

He tears his eyes away from the counter, leaving Rukia perusing the different flavors of ice cream, while he surveys the surroundings, taking in the linoleum floors, sparsely scattered tables, rather broken air conditioner that causes the store to be too cold, and the several screaming snot-nosed kids that chase each other in a circle around the customers while their mothers sit at the tables.

Rukia’s voice breaks into his head, and he looks at her beaming face. He wonders why she’s so happy at just the prospect of some ice cream, until he’s realized that she repeated the questions. She asks him what flavors of ice cream he wants, but really, he’s at a loss for words, so Rukia shrugs and turns back around to the counter, telling the sullen teenage boy behind the counter for “a scoop of double chocolate in a cone and a scoop of cookies and cream in a cone.”

Byakuya watches with grudgingly admitted fascination as the boy reaches down into one of the buckets with a spoon-like utensil and scoops an almost perfect sphere of ice cream, which the boy then plops onto what appears to be a hard, upside-down, hollow cone. The boy then repeats this process and rings up the two cones at a cash register (which Byakuya understands the function of that application, thank you very much), which Rukia pays for.

Byakuya feels a bit bad that Rukia has to pay because he didn’t really do much else except gawk like an idiot at the surroundings and blink like a sheep when she asked him a question.

“Come on,” she says to him as she sweeps by him and out of the door into the brilliant orange light of the sunset. She hands him his cone, and he notes that she remembered his unhealthy fondness for chocolate, as she got him what appears to be a magnificently delicious dark chocolate ice cream cone. Nothing like this has made him happier since he first talked to Senbonzakura so many centuries ago. Speaking of Senbonzakura, if she saw him this happy, she would probably growl in contempt and call him a baka.

As Byakuya takes the cone, he sees a faint blush tinge Rukia’s cheeks as his hand brushes against hers and the corner of his lip twitches in a slight smile, but he says nothing.

They stroll along the street, Byakuya following Rukia, and he wonders if Rukia knows where they’re going. He tentatively bites into the ice cream part of the ice cream cone, yelping in a rather undignified manner when his teeth sink through the soft ice cream and then at the harsh, bitter cold that fills his mouth before gradually melting into a liquid, sweet taste.

Rukia is still chuckling after Byakuya recovers from his little episode. She is licking the ice cream cone like a pro, except that for Byakuya, it’s maddening to watch because he can catch just the slightest glimpse of pink tongue before it disappears back into her mouth again. “Baka,” she tells him, ignoring his grumpy scowl, and instead walking farther down the sidewalk so that Byakuya hurries to catch up. “You lick the ice cream, like this.” She demonstrates for him, and Byakuya nearly says screw the ice cream because why ice cream when he could just kiss her now? However, he keeps himself in check, and cautiously follows Rukia’s lead and licks the ice cream.

After several more minutes of silence, only broken by the squealing of tires and the honking of horns on the street, Rukia leads Byakuya down a narrow alleyway so when they finally emerge, he sees the river and the people rushing along, never pausing to take a glance at the sun sinking and pooling magnificent golden-orange colors into the water.
Rukia sits down on a bench situated near the river’s edge, and Byakuya responds in kind. Both of them sit there for a while, watching the tour boats carrying excitedly jabbering tourists down the river, their cameras flashing.

It is only when Rukia bites into her cone, and the resulting sharp crunch causes Byakuya to blink owlishly and ask her dimwittedly “You can eat it?”

Rukia stares at him in disbelief before breaking out into raucous laughter, which does nothing to help Byakuya’s wounded ego. She nearly chokes on her partially-chewed piece of cone, though, which makes Byakuya feel marginally better.

Once she’s swallowed and composed herself, Byakuya’s dignity has already been so sufficiently wounded that he’s sure that it won’t recover for at least ten years.

“Of course you can eat it,” Rukia says, her violet eyes illuminating the weak last rays of the setting sun and appearing to shine even more in mirth. Byakuya decides not to tell her that he knew that the cone part was edible (he’s not that much of a baka; he is Kuchiki-taichou after all), just not that one bit into the cone instead of licking it like the ice cream part.

The cone is fantastically good, in Byakuya’s opinion, as he follows Rukia and bites into his cone. It is rather like a thin, crunchy cookie that is only slightly soggy and chocolatey from the melted ice cream that has gather inside. He absentmindedly wonders what the Kuchiki house’s chef’s reaction would be if Byakuya returned and told him to make “cones”.

After the last piece of cone has been consumed, Byakuya graciously goes and disposes of the napkins, returning to sit on the bench with Rukia and watch the streetlights blink on in amiable silence. He notices Rukia fidget slightly every now and then, until finally, she abruptly stands up, and from her pose, she expects Byakuya to do the same.

“Come on,” she says distractedly. “We need to get back to Urahara’s.”

She turns just as Byakuya stands up, and his gently tug on her sleeve causes her to whip back around to glare into his face. “What?” she snaps, sounding harsher than usual, attempting to wriggle out of his grasp. The sudden flare in temper surprises Byakuya, but he ignores it.

“I could get used to this ice cream thing,” he mildly comments, and before Rukia has time to exactly comprehend what he means, his lips have already met hers, and his arms have wound around her head and back, which proves quite helpful as Rukia’s knees suddenly buckle. He feels her lips curve gently in a smile against his before she opens her mouth to him and kisses him back. His tongue ruthlessly plunders her mouth, tasting the last remnants of sweet cone and the lingering cold of the ice cream. He only faintly hears a passerby whistle, but he doesn’t care, not much, because he is finally kissing Rukia, after all these years of waiting.

He can go kill the whistling passerby later. Maybe he can even get Rukia to help.

They break apart when air becomes a necessity, and Rukia’s violet eyes sparkle even when the streetlight above them gutters out and then blinks on again.

“That took you a damn long time,” she murmurs just as the sun fully slips below the horizon and the first stars glimmer in the sky before she reaches out and pulls Byakuya in for another kiss.


Pah. I tried. :]
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