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New Meaning (Fruits Basket, YukiKyo, #11)

Title: New Meaning
Author/Artist: arizaki_shisaku 
Pairing: Sohma Yuki x Sohma Kyo
Fandom: Fruits Basket
Theme: #11 - Gardenia
Disclaimer: I don't own Fruits Basket. ;__;

written for 30_kisses 

Prompt 11 - Gardenia

Sohma Yuki frowned as he sat down at his desk on the left side of the classroom, conveniently by the window. It was a bright, sunny day in March and Yuki felt like running around outside just to feel the sun kiss his too-pale skin and the cool spring breeze ruffle his silky lavender hair. He wouldn’t even mind doing the Endurance Run…well, not too much.

The rat propped his chin on his hand as his purple eyes traveled around his classmates seated on various desks and chairs, talking animatedly as they waited for the teacher to arrive and for class to start. It was History first period for Yuki, Tohru, and Kyo.

A cluster of girls not too far from where Yuki sat giggled all of a sudden, their shrill laughter even higher in volume than the chatter of the group of boys not too far away, talking about the new video game released last week. Tohru, Uo, and Hana sat at their own respective desks, talking in low tones about plans for the weekend or something.

Yuki suddenly remembered the math quiz his math teacher had warned the class about yesterday, but Yuki had forgotten about it, since math was the last class of the day. Sighing, he reached down into his bag and withdrew his math notebook, idly flipping through the clean, white sheets with his neat, concise handwriting on it.

As his eyes pored over formulas and equations, Yuki mused that the walk to school this morning had been rather awkward, even though it was such a nice day. It had only been him and Tohru walking off with Shigure waving them off. Shigure had told a bleary-eyed Yuki, upon having the rat stumble into the kitchen only half-awake, that Kyo had risen earlier than usual and had already eaten and left to do something before school, and that was all the dog knew.

Yuki distinctively remembered muttering something like “baka neko” before he seated himself at the table and downed half of the cup of warm tea Tohru set before him in one gulp.

Now, looking down at the sea of students pouring into the school from his spot by the window, Yuki thought he spotted a familiar carrot-orange head amongst the rest of the students. He squinted, and he saw a flash of ruby-red eyes before Yuki blinked, and Kyo (or the Kyo Yuki thought he’d seen) disappeared.

A few minutes later, a very flustered Kyo banged into class and without even saying a word to Tohru, he stalked over to Yuki’s desk and threw a single white flower onto Yuki’s desk. The whole class that had shut up at Kyo’s grand entrance burst anew into hushed whisperings and coos that Kyo had the hots for Yuki.

One glare from Kyo towards the girls where this was coming from shut the majority of them up, before Kyo turned his glare on Yuki. “Some girl accosted me on my way to class,” he said loudly. “Asked me if I knew Sohma Yuki, then thrust this into my hand and ran away.” Kyo shrugged and started to walk away. “Next time, don’t sic your fangirls on me.”

The tip of Yuki’s tongue wanted to snap back at Kyo that he didn’t purposefully sic fangirls on Kyo, nor did he want any fangirls in the first place – they were just annoying. But as it was, Yuki merely watched Kyo go and sit down at his desk before another classmate tapped Yuki on the shoulder.

“Ne, ne, Yuki, there’s a card. Aren’t you going to read it?”

Kyo’s head shot up from the desk, but nobody but Yuki noticed. Yuki’s finger played with the pristine cream-colored card hanging innocently from the stem of the flower, and Kyo’s eyes were huge, begging Yuki not to read the card.

Everything was crystal clear to Yuki now – where Kyo had gone this morning after leaving so early, and the flower, since Yuki very well knew that he had explicitly told his fan club no more flowers after receiving more bouquets last year than he had room for in the house.

“I’d rather read it in private,” Yuki told his classmates mildly, and they backed off from where they had crowded around his desk, muttering amongst themselves. Kyo dropped his head back onto his desk, pretending to look cool and not caring about the flower he had dropped on Yuki’s desk.

Before Yuki deigned to open the card, he admired the large bloom and fresh white petals of the flower – a gardenia, he thought – and a stray whiff of it exuded a sweet scent of spring, earth, and nature.

He pried open the card, and grinned at the too-familiar, sloppy handwriting that marred the fine cream surface.

I hope you like flowers, you kuso nezumi.

Yuki had been well-trained in the art of floriography (the meanings of flowers) when he was younger, finding it fascinating the first time he had touched a gardening trowel. Now, Yuki had since moved on from gardening flowers to vegetables, but he still didn’t forget his knowledge of flowers and their intimate meanings.

Kyo had made a good choice. A gardenia, huh?

A gardenia means “I secretly love you”.

Yuki wondered if Kyo had known the intimate meaning of said flower when he had picked it out, or if he just picked it out because it had looked pretty.

Yuki inhaled some more of the sweet scent wafting from the flower and hid a grin. He wouldn’t put it past Kyo to have already done his research and know.


At lunch, after the flower had been safely tucked away into Yuki’s locker and made sure that no books would crush its fragile beauty, Yuki strolled up to Kyo.

“Kyo, could I have a word with you about that math quiz today?” Kyo had math the period before lunch, and they had the same teacher.

Kyo started to stand up, but Tohru pinned both of them with worried eyes. “Hey, guys…”

Yuki smiled down at where Tohru sat on the grass with her friends. “Don’t worry, Honda-san, we’re not going to fight. I just want to discuss the math quiz with Kyo.”

“You guys could just talk here,” Uo drawled. “It’s not like there’s anything private going on between you two, is there?”

Kyo visibly bristled at the comment, but Yuki smoothly covered for him. “We were going to go to my locker to get my books,” Yuki replied. “To study for a bit together.”

Uo snorted. “Studying together. Now that’s a first.”

Yuki ignored her and beckoned towards Kyo, who followed him until they reached the end of the school building where practically no one ever went unless sent there by a teacher to fetch one thing or the other.

The bathroom stalls at that part of the building were fairly dirty and musty, but Yuki didn’t care as he slammed Kyo against the wall.

“You remembered,” Yuki murmured, his breath hot and grazing against Kyo’s nose and cheeks.

Kyo blushed a bright red and averted his eyes. “How could I forget?” he asked gruffly. “It wouldn’t be right for me to forget out first anniversary…”

Yuki grinned warmly and covered Kyo’s mouth with his, a tangling mass of soft lips, teeth, and intertwining tongues. Yuki gently pulled back and stepped closer to Kyo so their hips barely thrust against each other.

The rat laughed softly and attached onto the soft flesh of Kyo’s ear. “Now I feel slightly bad for not getting you anything in particular,” he whispered. “But maybe, I can pay you back right now…”

Kyo groaned in response as Yuki’s tongue traced a delicate pattern from the cat’s ear down to his neck.

“And the gardenia you gave me…it was so beautiful. Do you know what it means, Kyo?”

Kyo took this opportunity to grab Yuki’s face and crush their mouths together, and Yuki couldn’t help but smile against the kiss and run his fingers through Kyo’s hair as they were pushed together against the wall of the bathroom.

Yuki would take that as a yes.


A/N: Written in uh, 12 minutes? ^__^" 

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